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Number of Roses Meaning

Roses, especially the red ones are synonymous with love. In fact, these flowers hold the secret to the age-old Victorian traditions of courtship, where each exchange of flowers between to love birds spoke volumes. As such, Victorian courtship usually involved less talk, and more roses. Today, exchange of flowers is embraced in all parts of the world. However, for those who know the true meaning of sharing flowers, especially in courtship, this exercise can be very useful in taking your relationship to another level. Number of rose meaning therefore comes in to focus for those who rely on them to make their relationships interesting and romantic. Here is what roses numbers stands for.

Complete Meaning of Roses Number

Number of Roses Numbers Meaning
1 rose meaning
1 rose
This rose number stands for love at first sight or devotion. It means that a person has 100% interest in you and that the degree of attraction is quite high.
2 roses meaning
2 roses
Especially if they are red, they depict two people who are in love. They also show the exclusiveness of a bond between two lovebirds.
3 roses meaning
3 roses
This roses number stands for "I Love You", but in powerful way.
5 roses meaning
5 roses
They show that someone loves you more than you can imagine.
6 roses meaning
6 roses
Basically, this is a typical cry for attention. They show that someone loves you and misses you.
7 roses meaning
7 roses
They show a high degree of infatuation.
9 roses meaning
9 roses
They are used for reassurance and they show that you will live with someone as long as you are alive.
12 roses meaning / 1 dozen roses meaning
12 roses
One hundred and one roses means you are my one and only love.
13 roses meaning
13 roses
I'm your secret admirer.
15 roses meaning
15 roses
Please forgive me, I am so sorry.
24 roses meaning
24 roses
2 dozen of roses means miss you 24 hours everyday. Can't stop thinking of you.
1 rose meaning
99 roses
This roses number depicts a very strong emotional attachment between two people. The 99 roses meaning is that one is ready to love you until death separates you. To many people, this is the utmost proof that someone loves you.
100 roses meaning
100 roses
100 roses means happy union of two loving souls till death or a hundred years.
101 rose meaning
101 roses
You are my one and only love.
108 rose meaning
108 roses
Will you marry me?
365 roses meaning
365 roses
365 roses means thinking of you everyday.
999 roses meaning
999 roses
Everlasting & eternal love.

There are other roses number meanings that can be used to convey different messages in different occasions. The number of rose meaning thus plays a major role in establishing long lasting relationships.

Number of Roses Meaning
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Did You Know:

Rosebuds symbolize beauty, youth and a heart innocent of love or: "You are young and beautiful." white rosebuds signify girlhood or "too young to love."  

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