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Roses have been fascinating every heart for long ages. They are indeed one of the most popular and colorful flower all across the globe. It belongs to the Rosaceae family and believed to be first cultivated in Northern Persia . But now Netherlands is the biggest producer of roses in the world.

Roses are renowned worldwide as a symbol of love, beauty and purity. Roses come in a variety of colors, fragrance and kinds. Basically, they can be categorized under three classes:-species roses, old garden roses and modern roses. Species roses are simple flower with 5 petals and colorful hip. Rosa Rugosa is the most popular flower of species rose. Old garden roses are admired due to their magical fragrance and delicate beauty. They are generally white or pastels colored and are best cultivated in warm climate. China Roses, Damask Roses, Moss Roses and Bourbon Roses are some of the famous varieties in old garden roses. The roses discovered after 1867 are categorized under modern Roses. These roses are produced by cross breeding of polyanthus with hybrid tea roses. These roses look vibrant with varied colors. The most popular modern roses are Hybrid Tea Roses, Grandiflora Roses, Floribunda Roses etc.

Rose is the flower of love and romance. Roses are found in a wide variety of colors and aroma. Every rose color carries a symbolic meaning with it. Red Rose is the symbol of love, beauty and passion and is most popular of all roses. The beautiful lavender rose expresses elegance and enchantment and is also given to express the love at first sight. Pink rose gives a soothing effect and symbolized grace, admiration and sweetness. It also shows appreciation for someone. White rose is a symbol of peace, purity and spirituality. They are also the foremost choices for weddings and brides. Yellow is the color of sun and yellow roses are associated with brightness, happiness and friendship. Orange rose symbolizes passion and desire and expresses feeling of new relationships. Coral rose expresses great passion for something. At the same time it also symbolizes excitement, appreciation, desire and good luck. Apart from single color flower, different colors of rose can be combined in a bouquet to express a huge array of emotions and expressions to your near and dear ones.

Moreover, roses are a perfect gift for any occasion. It has the superb aesthetic appeal and charm which spell bound the person with its magical touch. Roses also add a pleasant effect to any home or office décor. They are blessed with amazing beauty and fragrance which makes the place filled with beauty and life. A bouquet of red roses will say everything to your loved one which your heart feels and desires. Actually the beauty of rose lies in its petals which will be cherished deep in your heart for lifetime. This delicate flower is an ultimate symbol of love and beauty. The vibrant colors, fragility and splendor make the roses a visual retreat to everybody's eyes.

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Rosebuds symbolize beauty, youth and a heart innocent of love or: "You are young and beautiful." white rosebuds signify girlhood or "too young to love."  

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